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The Posture Genius—Posture Lab brand is the platform for Defining and Demonstrating the category of Posture Optimization—Which will ultimately give consumers access to Vitality and pain-free living.

Facial Reposturing is a rejuvenating technique that restores facial muscle alignment and tone, targeting tension and signs of aging for a lifted, radiant complexion through deep tissue facial massage, it releases tightness & promotes relaxation.

Use your Life Purpose and Life work to clearly define what will be fulfilling and meaningful for you and those you care about. This phase of the Life Path Accelerator helps you Establish a clear career direction for yourself.

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Welcome To Posture Genius Posture Lab

The Posture Genius—Posture Lab brand is the platform for Defining and Demonstrating the category of Posture Optimization—Which will ultimately give consumers access to Vitality and pain-free living. It will also provide a resource and reference-point for other participants in the category—In services, training, education product design, workspace design and more.

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Empowering Upright Living Through Innovative Posture Science
Beauty, Posture, Nutrition, Health, Joy

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Posture Correction Service

From posture corrector braces to ergonomic cushions and support belts, we offer a range of products designed to help you maintain proper posture throughout the day.

Posture Optimized Beauty

What makes you attractive must include the strength, flexibility, and movement of your entire body. Lift your bust-line. Restore your height, naturally. Shed excess posture weight. And more.

Online Training Programs

Access our comprehensive online training programs from the comfort of your own home, featuring step-by-step instructions and exercises to help you achieve better posture and overall wellness.

Why Choose Us


Poor posture is a looming epidemic, hiding in plain sight. There are over 50 health conditions related to poor posture, affecting over 50 million people daily with stiffness, joint pain, low productivity, premature aging, and a weak immune system.

Most gimmicks and gadgets to correct posture are managing the symptoms of poor posture without addressing the entire body.

And there is no safe surgery or medicine to restore good posture.

It takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a skill. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Posture-Genius, Aaron Parnell has spent over 100,000 hours helping athletes, executives, supermodels, students and soccer moms; in a career that spans over four decades.

Through Posture Optimization, and his trademarked Reposturing therapy and workouts, Parnell makes it possible to be fit, flexible and fabulous at any age, with great posture and a strong immune system.

Your Posture Optimized Fitness Team

Committed to you, living your best life –  pain-free, fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age, with great posture.

Aaron Parnell


Brieny Nogueira

Business Manager

Alejandra Marin

Posturist/Aesthetic Artisan

Carlos Almeida


Pain-free living, and posture optimized beauty is just one click away.


Client Feedback

Hear from Our Happy Customers

  •   Aaron has the ability to watch you walk and see exactly what you need to get rid of your pain. When I first came in many years ago, I had painful sciatica related to a back injury, and had been on disability for 4 years. After an initial 30 minute consultation, he recommended 20 sessions to fix my back. He had me lay on a table, and twisted and stretched me for about an hour. When I stood up, the sciatica was gone, and never came back. This was after many years of chiropractic, physical therapy, and a surgeon wanting to replace 3 disc in my lower back.

    More recently, I went to my doctor for severe knee pain. My doctor laughed and said that is just part of getting old, but referred me to a specialist. The specialist x-rayed my knees and said that my knees looked great and he would gladly trade with me. He injected cortisone into my knee and said if that didn't work, the only option was to inject gel. If your doctors think your pain is normal, they probably aren't going to be able to help you. I went back to see Aaron, and after an hour of stretching the knee pain was gone. I bought 10 sessions up front, so the next 9 were spent working on my back and shoulders, and fine tuning my posture.

    In addition to Aaron's unique talent correcting posture, he is an interesting person. His enthusiasm for music and knowledge of so many various topics make for enjoyable conversation during the sessions with him.

    I have recommended his services to many of my friends family, and co-workers, and they always thank me for recommending him.

    The downside: he does not work with insurance companies. If you are not familiar with him and his work, it may seem risky to pay out of pocket. His methods are not understood by the medical community, so don't expect your doctor to refer you. His results are so amazing, that it almost seems to good to be true. Don't let this scare you away. If you have any pain, give him a chance to show you what he can do for you. He got me back to work after 4 years of disabling sciatic pain. 12 years later, the pain has not returned.

    thumb Jon S.
  •   Without a doubt Aaron has incredible knowledge concerning the principles and values of having Great Posture because having good posture is just not enough.

    There is a battle waged against or spines ( Culture and Technology ) it never been more important to have great posture today when compared to the past.

    His technique are powerful and what your going to learn will last you a lifetime.

    He may be the best hidden genius on the market today.

    I am very grateful to be able to connect with Aaron and his Methods.

    Amazing Results - Consistency is The Key
    The Psychological effects are Incredible.

    Thank You Aaron for your Beautifully Gift of Talent.

    thumb Cedric G.
  •   Mariana is a savant, I cannot properly express in words how grateful I am for the work she put into my back. She reduced my pain exponentially and improved my quality of life. She has a gift and we are lucky she has discovered it. I'm in the #marianafanclub

    thumb Sam G.
  •   I didn't know there are services geared towards posture alone until I met Aaron and his staff at the recent new life event. They are warm, caring, and quite knowledgeable, that I told Aaron he is my posture doctor. I walked like a penguin for the past 50 yrs of my life that my compromised hips, knees, and back are all getting straightened up by therapies and required exercises. I am now mindful of it and my lower body feels a little more aligned. My penguin walk is slowly improving! I am certain that it will keep getting better, esp my posture, as I follow Aaron's program and regimen. He is amazing, has great energy, a picture of wellness himself, and sure a master of his domain. Great job Aaron and wonderful staff!!!

    thumb Ate quel l.
  •   If you have pain anywhere in your body and want to know why, Aaron will figure it out. I have never had a more in depth look into my body mechanics and posture. He is extremely knowledgeable, informative, and kind. Right away he had a plan and we began to correct the issues. I highly recommend paying Aaron a visit and seeing how his experience and expertise can benefit you.

    thumb Mike H.
  •   Mariana's heart is in her hands. She is an exceptional masseuse.

    The massage that I received was really amazing and the kind of massage that I always hope for but never truly get.

    Mariana's massage technique is intuitive, thoughtful, and profoundly skilled. She released deep knots and fascia that were keeping me stuck and tense. When she was done, I felt so light, relaxed and at ease in my body.

    I am so excited that this service is being offered at The Posture Genius. I have no doubt that bodywork from Mariana will enhance my posture appointments and help my body's alignment, flexibility and mobility and I can't wait for more!

    Thank you Mariana! You are the best!

    thumb Lilbees B.
  •   I have been seeing Mariana and I only have nothing but good experience with her. She is good at what she does. She gives the best massages and really focus on how to help ease your pain. She is also very pleasant. If you're looking for a masseuse, you are in the right place.

    thumb sarah m.
  •   I had been suffering from shortness of breath for 3 weeks. Last week, after my 2nd session with Aaron, my shortness of breath stopped that evening. I could breathe easier and no longer felt stress from having to conscientiously gasp for more air. From our training sessions, he had opened up my chest/pecks or rib cage area, my muscle compression released its grip and I could breathe. I thought my shortness of breath was potentially due to having recovered from a cold, but it turns out, it was physiology - in my specific case, poor posture. Thankful for the opportunity to be healthy.

    thumb Seneca W.
  •   I was going to Aaron consistently 1/week for several months. During that time I was experiencing back cramps, especially under my shoulder blades, my left knee felt off and one leg was longer than the other. Aaron focused on upper body and massaged my arms so that I would stand upright and he also somehow adjusted my legs and hips which reduced the wonky knee. He showed me Floor exercises which are similar to yoga and Pilates so it was easy for me to include it into my daily stretches and before and after my walks.

    The facial Reposturing session is also amazing which helps train the muscles in your face, around the jaw and head and is my favorite treatment! I am often told how much younger I look and i attribute it to Aaron's methodology. I have his books and even though I moved away from the Bay Area, I still practice his stretches on the mat, I watch all his videos on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of my daily regimen.

    Aaron explains the what and why and here is the solution. This is why I love going to Aaron! If and when I'm in the Bay Area, I will book an appointment with him ! He is the best !

    thumb Ana Lucia N.
  •   If you have back pain, please do yourself a favor and get to Aaron Parnell. He truly has a way no other doctor or orthopedic does.
    Aaron is beyond amazing.

    thumb Trisha D.

Frequently Asked Questions

A revolutionary therapeutic modality that optimizes the Posture strength and flexibility of the body in a way that enables the bones to do the work of force and weight-bearing efficiently, while liberating the muscles and joints for maximum movement. It improves your flexibility and the responsiveness of your body, improves balance, realign tension in your muscles and bones. The results are improved performance for you to feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age, with great posture.

The Reposturing brand of workouts features an advanced system of strength and flexibility exercises to accelerate your process and ensure that the focus is on the relationship between the muscles, FASCIA, and bones.

Many of our clients say that the workout looks like someone's doing suspension yoga-but different. The self-care and exercises sometimes look like yoga, with distinct differences that isolate the posture muscles and fascial network throughout the entire body.

During a session: The intensity of each Posture Optimized workout is regulated by you, our client. Typically, in terms of minimal, moderate, and maximum intensity or discomfort, we like to work in the moderate range.

After a session: Typically there is very little residual pain resulting from the workout. However, when people feel any discomfort, it's usually because, in the space of minutes, we are shifting your body away from the way that it's been for years. If there is any soreness at all, it would be no more than you would expect after working out at any other gym.

When your body is uncomfortable after a workout, it doesn't mean that something bad has happened. Very often when people feel uncomfortable, it's because your body is shifting from the way that it's been for years, and now in the space of minutes we are shifting it to a new pain-free reality.

Most of our clients report long lasting, or permanent improvements in the body. Depending on your lifestyle, workstyle, sports, fitness, or recreation; workouts at The Posture Genius Posture Lab become part of your healthy lifestyle. Once we achieve a level of Posture Optimization sufficiency, it is easy to assess your needs for follow up.

Reposturing therapy is designed to be self-care for proactive and prevention-minded individuals--or, tertiary care (after you have seen your doctor or completed care with your licensed physical therapist). Thus, payment for the service is an investment you are personally making in the quality of your life.

Reposturing exercises are necessary to receive the best value and ensure long-term stability and maintenance of the improvements.

Step 1--Click on the "BOOK NOW" button to reserve your time slot.
Step 2--Complete the set of forms and documents to help us provide maximum value prior to your session as possible. And watch the informational videos.
Step 3--Wear or bring a pair of mid-thigh shorts, a loose shirt, (women) a sports bra and a Hair tie.
Step 4--Arrive about 15 minutes prior to your appointment.
Step 5--Change into your shorts and loose shirt.
Our staff will escort you to the consultation area for your first session.

We prescribe exercises, stretches, and suggestions for posture-optimized success.
There are therapy packages For one month, three months, six months, and one year.

Your body is in the process of remodeling itself to a different shape and balance point than it has been used to. The muscles and the connective tissue are in the rebuilding process, and that is where the soreness is from. Your body is in the process of remodeling itself in a different shape and balance point than it has been used to. As your body becomes more flexible, you will experience less discomfort and more freedom.

Doctors help diagnose, treat, and manage disease, injuries and symptoms.

Physical therapists help rehabilitate injured and inflamed tissues.

Posture Optimization Specialist™, Aaron Parnell and any of his Certified Reposturing® practitioners help restore posture and connective tissue alignment, balance and optimize freedom of movement and the body. It is an ideal match for health consumers who are proactive about achieving their best life, with great posture.

Aaron Parnell, Is certified by ABMP, (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals), as a Somatic Therapist and recognized as a Posture Optimization Specialist. Additionally, The Reposturing Institute of America is recognized by NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) as an Approved Provider of Continuing Education for wellness professionals. Reposturing Institute is also recognized by National Association of Sports Medicine/American Fitness and Aerobics Association. (NASM/AFAA). Aaron is also a member of the ISPGR (International Society of Posture and Gait Research)

Absolutely-And most often-YES. You are an asset to your company. The healthier you are, the more productive you can be in your work. We acccept payment with your MSA or HSA Visa card.

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