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Welcome To Posture Lab

The Posture Genius—Posture Lab brand is the platform for Defining and Demonstrating the category of Posture Optimization—Which will ultimately give consumers access to Vitality and pain-free living. It will also provide a resource and reference-point for other participants in the category—In services, training, education product design, workspace design and more.

Considering a profitable business model for the Posture Genius Brand and the Category of Posture Optimization.

Strategically, Aaron envisions maximizing the value of his body of work and his ability to be the key-driver of the category. In this area we have a tremendous archive of collateral in terms of salable and scalable products, services, education and training for the consumer and professional markets. 

There is tremendous upside profit-potential in the industries and categories we are serving.

Some of Aarons’ core-values-based business mantras are:

  • Everyone wins, or no one plays.
  • Transparency, honesty and integrity in all things. 
  • (The money is an exception with this caveat:  Earnings and profit-margins will remain private.)
  • AP has the final say on the big stuff—unless he delegates the authority.
  • Our service to God’s other children is a sacred responsibility for which we are held accountable to God, our community, and our children.
  • Neither of us can succeed by attempting to accomplish this alone. 
  • Together we will all prosper and thrive as we provide our solutions to the world.

Collaborative Care, Compassionate Hearts

Our team is comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals who are passionate about improving the lives of our patients.

Aaron Parnell


Brieny Nogueira

Personal Assistant

Get the best treatment from the most experienced Posture Optimizers.

Experience unparalleled care from our team of highly experienced posture optimizers. With years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, our posture optimizers are renowned for their exceptional skills in providing effective treatment and personalized care.

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